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“When in doubt, draw”

Here it is

If you tell me “I can’t draw”

I won’t believe you

People always tell me that they can’t

This simply

Is not true

“The power of art lies within its power to reach out – to shine a light, to make connections – bringing people together, to educate, inspire, within its ability to break down barriers. Let the work speak for itself – do not let it be tied down by any form of authority.  The arts are elemental and essential – open to all.”

Divya Marie Kato, Tokyo-based Artist & Author

Signature Service – Sharing the gift of Drawing through:

My Upcoming Book “When in doubt, draw”

How drawing has helped overcome fear & move forward with fresh feelings

Drawing Classes

Company Creativity Workshops

School Creativity Workshops

Don’t take my word for it, head on over to read stories on the Inspiring Stories page & see how Creativity and Drawing have helped so many individuals, schools & businesses & how they can help you too


My wish is for people to find out unknown things about themselves through drawing

What I lovingly refer to as

‘Feeling Forward’

  Feelings that move us Forward

Drawing helps move us forward in many ways:

Drawing helps us get over fears and move our feelings forward

Drawing helps us get out of old habits & old thought patterns

Drawing sparks new ideas and paves the way forwards with new paths

Drawing & Creativity, help nurture a sense of community, ownership & belonging

My Dream & Life’s Work

As I have observed again and again how drawing has helped and healed so many, paving new ways forwards for change through self understanding and self expression, my time here is to share drawing with others

To open, & in some cases re-open, the doors of creativity, imagination & possibility 

My aim is to share the basics of drawing – an extra set of tools for life’s toolbox – inspire and open up creative doors, nurture self understanding and self expression and send you off to create your own art work or make real – fully realise – your own creative imaginings – and get them out into the world

Drawing empowers & inspires

I truly believe that I can help you draw and through doing so, open your mind to further creative dreams & aspirations

I have seen how drawing has empowered people with creativity – the ability to think creatively and ‘out of the box’ and spark new ideas

I am a believer in creativity for community, communication, collaboration, culture, growth, development & healing

I imagine a world where creativity is open and accessible to all

“When in doubt, draw” How Drawing Can Help You & How Writing Is Different

Drawing is a catalyst, a tool, a skill we all have, which has immense benefits for all of us

As both an Artist & an Author, I have observed how drawing helps us move feelings forward in a very different way to writing

Thoughts are often inspired in you and expressed by you in the form of words

Feelings are much less tangible, as indeed they should be, but drawing provides a way for them to be expressed openly

Drawing Helps Feelings Dance

Who needs Drawing & Creativity?

From Closet Artists, to Curious Corporates, to job-hunting Undergraduates, to job-hunting Masters Graduates, to children, to those seeking to engage their whole brain, to those wanting to improve problem solving skills, to those wishing to expand corporate or business capabilities, to those who wish to get over their fears, to all those who wish to move their

Feelings Forward

Here it is again, I believe

“Everyone can draw and

When in doubt, we should draw”

“Have you forgotten how much you used to draw?”

How happy & how much joy you used to feel?”

“Are you lost or confused about your purpose or where your life is going?”

Creativity is your birth right

Your gift

You were born with it

Cave Paintings

We have been doing it all along

Not for money

Not for any given reasons

Without restriction

Solely for Expression

To Tell a Story

What’s Your Story?

What would you like to send out into the world?

The Fear of Drawing

I have often heard stories about having had a bad experience of drawing or painting at school – someone made a rude or unkind comment about your work, a teacher was discouraging – and now you simply believe that you cannot draw.  Or, you are just too scared to try drawing again

“Ever wanted to draw but are too embarrassed to do so?”

“Did someone laugh or make fun of your drawing & now you’re too scared to draw again?”

“Loved art at school but stopped to get into ‘real’ life?”

“Hated art at school, but still secretly wish you could paint a lovely picture?”

“First time taking an art class?”

“Need to slow down & reconnect with creativity in the city?”

“Want to try something new?  Open up creative channels?  Spark up ideas for an event or your business?”


My studio is a warm, calm, joyful and relaxing environment which wholeheartedly welcomes beginners.  If this is your first time taking an art class, beginners are best!  Artists are often striving to go back to the beginning, to see things as if for the first time – to be open again and fresh to all possibility and not be hemmed in by experience or what someone may have said – creativity is and should always be an adventure!

Creativity is your right

My time here is to share it with you

“Still unsure about how important drawing and creativity are?”

Head on over to my Inspiring Stories page to learn more about how drawing and creativity have helped empower so many & how they can help you too

Ever draws,


Drawing for Development with Divya

Can't draw?  Not creative?  Not true!  Join a Growing Community Discovering how Drawing & Creativity Impact & Inspire Personal & Professional Change & GrowthIMG_1656

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Drawing for Development with Divya

Can't draw?  Not creative?  Not true!  Join a Growing Community Discovering how Drawing & Creativity Impact & Inspire Personal & Professional Change & GrowthIMG_1656